Laughter is Stress-Free Medicine

Laughter is Stress-Free Medicine
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Accountant, “Doc, I can’t fall asleep.” Doctor, “Try counting sheep.” Accountant, “That’s the problem. I start counting, make an error and it takes me 3 hours to try and find my mistake!”

Did you smile, maybe even a little laugh? Good! You’ve just had a little “medicine” to relieve a bit of stress brought on by life’s daily challenges.learn more about laughter therapy at

You’ve probably noticed you simply feel better after a good laugh. Your mood and emotions are more positive. You may feel calmer and can look at a situation more hopefully. These feelings and reactions are due to the fact you’ve reduced your level of stress-all because you added some humor-what many health care professionals now believe to be a great “medicine” for stress relief.

Is it really true? Is laughter the best medicine? Can laughter promote wellness by relieving daily stress? According to a mounting pile of scientific evidence from many who are looking for ways to reduce the effects of stress, the answer is “YES!”

Health professionals agree-the benefits of laughter can reduce stress. According to John Hopkins University people use three distinct responses to funny situations: sense of humor, mirth, and laughter. Each promotes wellness and leads to stress relief either physically, psychologically, or sometimes both for you and for your kids, if you want to learn some parenting tips, here is the good post to read.

Laughter is Stress-Free Medicine

What science knows about SENSE OF HUMOR:

Humor comes from thought and perception. A person’s sense of humor is what they think is funny. A person with a “good sense of humor” is playful and has a more lighthearted perspective.  They have the ability to enjoy the silliness of a situation that could be irrational, annoying, or even ridiculous. Research has proven that a sense of humor has a number of stress-reduction benefits.

A sense of humor

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and tension
  • Promotes psychological well-being
  • Raises self-esteem
  • Improves interpersonal relationships
  • Builds group identity and cohesiveness
  • Enhances memory

What Science indicates a SENSE OF HUMOR may do:

Pending further research, studies are being presented that humor could offer a number of stress reduction benefits to parents and babies.

There are number of websites that teaches laughter therapy, it will be unfair to mention Web Designers Galway owner is our laughter therapy member from the last 10 years and the of owner of CliquedMedia  who helped us designed this website at a very cheap price because he believes on living healthy and happy, these days people are making there own lives by running after the luxuries of this life and in this run they forgot the actual happiness is in internal satisfaction.

A sense of humor may

  • Reduce respiratory infections
  • Treat asthma
  • Enhance positive lifestyle choices
  • Improve diabetes
  • Increase longevity