Best Ways you can Dramatically Improve Relationship and Trust With Kids

Best Ways you can Dramatically Improve Relationship and Trust With Kids
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Building a real relationship is very vital when it comes to business. Having a good relationship and trust with your Kids will help you keep your Kids happy and will help in winning there hearts.

Below are some beneficial ways you can dramatically improve the relationship and build trust with your kids.

Kidd’s Time Management

Your kids time should be respected, this will help you build a healthy relationship that will last long. For example, When a your child asks to meet you, don not schedule an appointment with them and don’t make them wait, just leave everything and give them proper time, small talks sometimes help in building relationships but recognize when it’s time to talk and about what topics, which help you Cyber Savy Parenting.

Kids usually love to chat about games, there friends, they want to spend time with you, play games with you, they have small wishes, which if ignored your child can behave differently. We all work hard to give our kids a happy environment, but in a struggle to win happiness, we get lost in this virtual world, and forget to collect happiness that is around us free of cost.

This will show your value kids, you are respectful and self-aware. Doing this might look like a small thing but it sets the tone for the entire relationship.

Avoid Pettiness

Small and petty things can destroy a relationship that took a lot of effort to build. Many times we overlook small things and they end up ruining a good parent-child relationship. Small things like not returning phone calls, miss appointments and don’t paying attention to their small demands, paying more attention to your business and not giving proper time to your kids can ruin your relationship, you have to keep balance between family and business.

You are like super hero for your kids, do not break there dreams and hearts. Do not struggle to hard for this virtual world. Don’t make bridges because of business, be willing to lose the small battles and win the small hearts.

Best Ways you can Dramatically Improve Relationship and Trust With Kids

Face to Face Interaction

Relationships with kids will bond strongly when there’s face to face interaction. When things go wrong it’s advisable to talk to them, don’t do an email as it will not bring out the voice infection. Kids love to be with you, love to talk with you about their small issues, do not let them alone fight with there small issues, always ask them you are standing behind you, if something goes wrong you will be their to correct it.

Digital Media has changed the thinking of kids, in this era of digital media kids can be distracted easily as we have handed them gadgets only because we do not have time. Its true its very difficult to live without these gadgets but we are humans not machines.

Keep Your Commitments and Over Deliver

Be committed and deliver dramatically to increase the relationships and trust with kids. This can be achieved by,

  • Keeping appointment
  • Follow up and get back in touch with follow up items
  • Communicate regularly and track the progress of the kids demands
  • Under promise and deliver on time. This will give you good trust with your kids

Deliver the unexpected and this will add value to a relationship.

Set Mutual and Attainable Goals

You and your kids can have different goals and setting up mutual goals can help you be on the same page even though you have different objectives. As soon as you engage kids in a project, sit down and have goals that will have you on the same page. When challenges arise, you will have a reference point to start addressing the challenges and resolve them.

Create a Level Ground

Some kids can be able to identify the problems they want to be resolved while others can easily know the outcome they want. You can come closer to the kids by:

  • Asking them to complete a project when working together.
  • Have them talk about the accomplished projects that have been a success and what contributed to the success
  • Allow them to share more on failed projects. What led to the failures and possibly learn from the mistakes

Be Patient and Build Credibility

Trust takes years to build and can be destroyed in a few seconds. It takes time for your kids to trust you, this means it will not be an overnight thing. Be patient and focus on building credibility with every action and the word you articulate to your kids. Doing this creates a high chance of having a healthy relationship that is built on trust.


For the relationship and trust between you and your family to work, you need to be transparent and human. Entrepreneurs and business owners spend most of their energy on social media and advertisements to keep clients but do focus on their home.

These strategies will work but the question is, how are you prepared to keep the relationship and trust between you and your family? The best key to a good relationship is to keep communicating, in your stressful time laughter is the best medicine. learn more about laughter therapy at

Develop skills and strategies that will help you communicate with kids always. This will demonstrate your commitment to your kids.